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Book Scanning Service Order | Digitizing My Books

Instant online order

Number of Books =
Total actual Pages*
(do not adjust for 50-page discount)
Number of Books =
Total actual Pages*
(do not adjust for 50-page discount)

Format Options (All prices below are a flat fee except where noted)

Searchable PDF (included)
Word document (included)
mp3 audiobook, +$14 (per book)
Kindle (native format; PRC), +$12
Nook, Sony, iPad, Other (native format; ePub), +$12
PDF tailored for online publishers, +$15 (up to 5 books)

Recognition Language(s)
Do the books contain other languages besides English? +$12
     (please specify language in the text field below)

File Delivery

Direct download link (included)
Include files on USB Thumb Drive, +$22/$38** 
Rush Delivery (3-5 day turn around***), +$24

PDF Options (Pages only. Cover images will be in full color.)
Full Color, +$12        

You may include additional details of your order

Custom Processing Fee****

By placing an order, the customer agrees to all information in our FAQ, and certifies full compliance with our Terms and Conditions and all applicable copyright law. *Please be sure to be accurate in your page count. Orders that contain large discrepancies in page count will be marked as low priority, and may not be scanned until the difference has been paid.**Up to 1k, 4k pages respectively (4k page max.). ***This service places your books in the front of our scanning queue. Turn around time applies to orders of 5 books or less (larger orders will increase estimated lead times). ****A Custom Processing fee applies to certain special requests, international orders, etc. Please read our FAQ for a complete list.
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